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Blue Creative is focused on creating opportunities for extraordinary artists to achieve their vision and leave their mark on the world through music, film and digital media. We are committed to Austin, Texas: “keeping it weird” by supporting local artists and always treating people fairly and equally.

Music is a big part of what we do!  With a focus on song creation, publishing and licensing – we strive to promote our music and support our musicians. Continually releasing projects every few months gives us time to produce & shop high quality tracks.

We’re excited to announce that we now have 3 songs available!  Click here to check out: You Ain’t, Cool Empty Air & Peppermint Mocha.   Collaborating with our team has been a blast! Have a listen and try to get them out of your head.  We dare you!  Website update coming shortly.

We adore all things cinema from production to content creation.  Our current film projects transport us into the sci-fi universe with Slice of Life  & plunge us into horror with Field Guide to Evil.  We’re super excited to help produce these films.

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Owned and operated by Alexa and Adam Blue.  From songwriting to tech – we have a lot of experience and a huge love for all things creative.  Get in touch with questions, licensing requests and project ideas!

Digital Music Distribution 

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